About Us

LeSwank was developed in response to our observation of more fancy restaurants charging extravagantly for a whole lot of “not much” shrouded in a “story”. If that’s your thing, knock yourself out, but if you’re PLU (People Like Us), you want to know the places that offer a great experience for a price that seems like it was well worth your hard-earned coin.


So if a dining establishment jams you in next to a deafening DJ or on the laps of your neighbouring diners, if the food is fantastique or utterly forgettable, the décor reminds you of a school cafeteria or a deep, dark cave, please add a review and tell us about it.


Please note that we don’t get paid for our reviews, (wine will be gratefully and gleefully accepted).


We also cheerfully acknowledge that we’re totally biased – because we know what we do (and don’t) like!

Bon appetite,